Best Blogs of 2010 - let's have a look

First, let's see who edublogs chose as their picks for best bloggers of 2010. The image below is a link. To go to edublogs site and see hundreds of best blogs, just click the picture!

Edublogs 2010 Best Blogs Awards

Dan's Picks for Best Blogs

Okay, this is just a start...

Best Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - DowngoesBrown - uses blogger as platform - very, very detailed postings and funny too. Check it out here.

Best Montreal Canadiens Blog - - uses wordpress as blogger platform - excellent blog, it's a shame about this team though. This guy's blog has one of the best tag lines around: "Rated by My Wife As The Best Site in The World"

Canadian Capitalist lists the top Canadian Financial Blogs - A great listing on Canadian Financial Blogs put out by magazine Canadian Business. A great assignment would be to assign each blog to a student to write a review or present a review.

A Good Fishing Blog - This blog is a great example of what kind of things to do with a blog beyond text.

Fifty Best Blogs For Educators -

Fifty Best Blogs for Special Ed Teachers -

Fifty Best Blogs from Female Science Teachers -