Edublogs allows you to create a class blog or to give all your students blogs.

edublogs tool merits its own page. This blog tool claims well over a half million users and some pretty big names (Cornell University, Stanford, University of Copenhagen).

There are multiple options from Free, to Pro, to Campus. You can jump right to the edublogs website here, but don't go just yet, there's more to learn here!

1. Edublogs offers a comparison of their service to other similar services out there. Why not have a look at their bold comparison here, and I have added this to the links on the left of the wiki "Choosing a Blog for YOU".

2. TEN WAYS TO USE YOUR EDUBLOG service - check out the ten ways and the video here

3. Next, watch this tutorial on edublog's service:

4. Adding students as contributors to your edublogs - click here! This page is really good and it comes from the Edublogs help guide

That should get you started! The edublogs help guide is an invaluable tool for anyone starting out on this journey.