Welcome to the wiki on blogs in K-12 education!

Not sure where to even start with blogging? Perhaps this wiki can help. I have consolidated some information about blogging here to give any rookie educator a couple good options to start with.


For some lucky educators who are part of the Blended Learning Pilot associated with e-Learning Ontario, they have access to a secure and private blog for themselves and for each of their students. For other educators, they must find their own blogging tool for themselves and for their students. This is where this wiki will help!

But first, can we get a clear picture of what blogging actually is - and can we get it in under 2 minutes? Sure, watch the video:

Cool, now you get it. Thanks to the people at Plain English for that. They have plenty of other video tutorials if you are interested.

When you are ready, click on any link on the left to explore various blogging options.